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Practical Primitive Fire Starting
    This course is designed for those persons with an interest in primitive skills or those that want to add another option to their fire starting tool kit in the event that modern fire starting options are disabled or unavailable(ie. wet matches, lighter out of fuel, very strong winds). Students will be shown how to start spark based and friction based fires using primitive methods which are practical for the Northern Ontario environment. These methods include magnesium flint and steel, knife and stone(high carbon steel knife or striker and stone found in the area), and the traditional bow and drill method. The students will be hands on and guided though each method of fire starting. Students are cautioned not to rely solely on these methods while spending time in the bush as this could be life threatening if conditions or materials are not ideal. Participants meet at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Center Lot (5085 Reg. Rd.80, Hanmer, Ont.) near the northwest entrance for 09:00am on the morning of the event.

 -Mike Paquette - author of "Fire: My Trail of Learning"
-35+ yrs. of primitive fire starting
- 13 years as a search and rescue coordinator
- Life long bush person. 

Practical Primitive Fire Starting 14 July/2024 0900a

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
  • Dress appropriately for the existing and forecast weather conditions on the date of the event. Wear clothing appropriate for some bushwhacking as this is a "hands on" event where we will forage for materials or travel to specific sites ie. clothing that covers your arms and legs to give you some protection against biting insects, scratches, and abrasions. Wear outer layers that are fire retardant or old clothing you don't mind getting burn holes in from windblown embers. Natural fibers such as wool give you some protection . Don't wear expensive outer wear that is made primarily from synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon or be prepared for burn holes. Also wear footwear appropriate for walking off trail in the bush. ie. hunting or hiking boots not sandals or running shoes.

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