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   Hi! I'm Mike Paquette,  a bush skills instructor with Keepers of the Wild and now owner/operator of Come Walk With Me Skills and Adventures. A little about me ... I'm a lifelong bush person. During my time in the bush I went through a trail of learning for a variety of bush skills to bolster my comfort level in the bush and to become less reliant on gear. I have spent 35 plus years developing and using these skills. I don't claim to be an expert or the guru of anything but I have developed skills during my time in the bush that I feel would be of value to people with similar interests. After spending a long and challenging period of time in the bush using minimal or no gear I later started to use selected reliable gear to make my time in the bush less labor intensive, more efficient, safer and more enjoyable. These gear choices would also be of value to those spending time in the bush in all 4 seasons.

    This is a natural progression of things. Once you become skilled in the bush you become more respectful of all it has to offer and become more protective of it. You realize that is not necessary to rape the bush of its resources every time you spend time in the bush and that there is more for you to learn. In this way we become Keepers of the Wild. 
    Over the years I have shared my skills with anyone who needed them expecting nothing in return. I have spent time teaching them to children and indigenous youth groups, selected bush people and helicopter companies. I also spent 13 years as a search and rescue coordinator and was responsible for providing training for police and civilian search and rescue personnel. I have produced several self published books. Two related to my bush journey and trail of learning and the rest are photo books related to my many bush walks.
     I invite you to come walk with me and begin your own personal trail of learning. I assure you it will be worth your time and for many it will be eye opening and  life changing. If nothing else we're going to have fun!

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              About Me



    Come Walk With Me Skills and Adventures was founded by the writer with the intention of introducing people to the bush who have always wanted to try outdoor activities but because of their low comfort level there were afraid to try the activity on their own. Events offered by Come Walk With Me Skills and Adventures allows people to participate in an event accompanied by a skilled person to mentor and assist them so that they can have a positive experience.

    In addition, Come Walk With Me Skills and Adventures also caters to the experienced outdoors person allowing them to customize their adventures or provide skills classes for them to increase their skills and knowledge . 

     No matter what your skill or comfort level is each event is designed for all to have fun. Isn't that the point?!!


Our Event Destinations

    Our event destinations are primarily bush destinations in and around the Greater Sudbury area as well as some events in Killarney and on Manitoulin Island . 

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